Pollution Sources Enter Water Sources

Water Found Underground!

(Source water is where drinking water starts in nature!) Water found underground is a source of fresh water for people to drink and use. We don't want to contaminate our fresh water with pollution, because it can make us and our animals sick, and harm our crops and local wildlife. Communities can pollute ground water, and we can help protect it!

Special thanks to Amanda, Sawyer, Regan, & Otis

Edible Aquifer

(A sugar rush with a story!)
Use cookies, soda pop, ice cream, and sprinkles to show ground water.
Use a straw to show a well.
Watch Scott demonstrate pollution
on this edible model!

Special thanks to Scott Thomas,
Colorado Rural Water

Pass the Jug!

(First in time is the First in Right!)
Choose your character as a water user, and discover how much water is used for different activities! Colorado often experiences drought—a lack of water. How will we make sure everyone gets enough water in the future?

Special thanks to Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners
& Colorado Watershed Assembly

Danger: High Voltage! Electrical Safety

(Make sure you never become a path to the ground for electricity!)
Why can a bird sit on a wire? How does a lineman work on a powerline?  What happens to George’s finger and heart when he’s shocked? Learn about safety equipment, and watch Luke climb a telephone pole!

Special thanks to Jessie Health & Kris Camblin,
Highline Electrical Association

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Weather Works!

(Make a prediction!)
What causes storms? Demo #1 demonstrates how warm and cold water and air act.
Meteorologists say we live under a sea of air. Demo #2 reveals air pressure!

Wow, what a show!

Special thanks to Scott Sieke
& CU Boulder Science Discovery Center

Freddy The Fish Teaches about Stormwater

(Only Rain Down the Storm Drain!)
Find out ways you can help prevent pollution from rushing into storm drains and then into Freddy’s habitat!

Special thanks to Dave Diss,
Colorado Rural Water

Unlock the Secrets
in the Soil

(Dig a little; Learn a lot!)
Take a minute to learn the characteristics of healthy soil.

Special thanks to Daniel Palic,
Julesburg NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service)


5th & 6th Grade Soil Health



Profiles in Soil Health


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