Environmental Finance Center


Providing technical assistance to Colorado water systems to ensure financial sustainability and public health.

As we face potentially exacerbating climate challenges, asset management, engineering assistance, funding, and contaminant mitigation will prove to be invaluable resources for rural Colorado.

It is in our best interests to be able to leverage our positions of surplus to be able to compensate for scarcity and times of need. The EFC representative of Colorado is here to provide technical assistance to you and your systems to create financial, environmental, and health sustainability.

While at first it may appear daunting, funding is often a crucial part of upgrading, maintaining, and expanding a system's ability to provide water resources for their communities. One of the most essential resources to understand is the water and wastewater intended use plans. These delineate disadvantaged community status, funding sources, and priority scoring for projects. The process of applying for and receiving funding is more complex, but we are here to provide guidance through the process.

If you need financial, asset management, climate resiliency, contaminant mitigation, regulation adherence, or engineering assistance please contact the Colorado EFC Region 8 representative at Jthomas@crwa.net. A more comprehensive list of resources provided and to officially request assistance can be found at https://region8efc.nrwa.org/contact-us.

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